What makes Lively Professionals different?

I am often asked what I offer that other professional snagging companies don’t.

To answer this, it is important to understand that all professional snagging companies are there to identify as many defects as possible in your new home. Then, they should document these defects within a report that you can hand to your builder.

These reports can vary immensely, from a simple written description of the snag with no photographs, location or trade assigned, to a fully professional report with photographs that have a date and time stamp. This gives a clear description of the defects and the location, including assigning a trade to rectify it. The report that you receive should have been conducted in a systematic fashion which makes it easy to follow. You may still wonder, ‘what do professional snaggers actually do?’. However, snagging services are vital to your satisfaction in your new build home.


Having a professional snagging report makes it much easier for your builder to understand the defect and rectify it. Having spoken to numerous builders, and feedback from my customers regarding my report, they have always been well received and the builders. I focus on making my reports easy to follow, with a clear description written in a language they can understand. I will also include the location of the defect which saves the builder time when trying to locate it and assign a trade.

My professional snagging reports

Being a small privately owned company based in the North of England allows me to carry out each survey personally, giving my customers the best service possible. To ensure the consistency of my reports, I have developed a methodology over many years of snagging newly built houses. This gives a guaranteed consistency to my reporting! I utilise specialist equipment in my reports, including thermal images. Thermal imaging can identify any insulation or poorly fitted doors and windows causing heat loss. This is included within my price and not an add on as some other companies usually charge extra for this service.

professional-snagging-thermal-imagingHaving a consistent approach to my reporting is important. The defects I identify and include in your report are issues I would expect your builder to rectify. This is from years of experience handling this process. It is easy to bolster a snagging report with numerous items that are not necessarily defects in the eyes of the builder or warranty provider.

Therefore, I would certainly question any report that has over 150 – 200 items. Are they genuine defects or issues included to make the report look impressive? If they are genuine, then my question to your builder would be “how has this house passed its inspections and CML?”

Your professional snagger should have your best interests at heart. However, not all professional snaggers do. If your snag report is full of unreasonable defects, it can put you in a position of conflict with your builder. This is not a good situation to be in and will eventually spoil your relationship with your builder. As well as the enjoyment of your new home. It is therefore important that your professional snagger reports honestly. They should be working within the Building Regulations and warranty providers standards when identifying the defects.

Communication is key

Additionally, I am a big believer in having clear communication with my customers during our journey together, from your initial enquiry to the moment when you receive your report and beyond. This is important to me and the service I provide. 

Most new home buyers will have limited knowledge of how your house has been constructed, and what is and is not a defect. Therefore, your professional snagger must have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Find a professional snagger that will give you advice that you can trust and rely on when answering your queries. I am extremely proud of the work that I do and I will continue to ensure that home-buyers can move into their new home in peace. If you’re looking to invest in a new build home, don’t risk further issue down the line. Get in touch with me for more information. I look forward to hearing from you.

Customer Testimonial

I’m always adapting my service to best suit my customers. The reason I enjoy professional snagging is that I love to help people find their perfect home. For more testimonials, explore my case studies.

“What a great knowledgable guy!

What a great knowledgable guy Ian was. Really professional but friendly and easy to talk to. Provided a useful overview at the end which put my mind at ease. Also, provided me with some useful tips. When you spend hundreds of thousands on a house why wouldn’t you ask a professional to check it for you, it just makes sense!”

Zaira Woods

Ian Lively, Managing Director at Lively Professional Services. Housing and Snagging Survey Expert with over 40 years of experience.

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