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Professional Snagging Cheshire

Lively Professional services are an independent and privately run company specialising in providing a professional snagging service to new build home buyers in Cheshire. We ensure that any defects within your newly built home are photographed and identified within your report.

New Build Snagging Services in Cheshire

Our mission is to ensure my customers receive the best possible service that we can provide. Listening and working with you every step of the way before and after your inspection – we are here for you.

We believe every new build homeowner should have the quality of house they deserve, giving them peace of mind in the knowledge that their new home has been built to the current Building Regulations and standards.

We have helped hundreds of customers avoid unnecessary costs by identifying defects which they would not expect to find. During our inspections, we often find serious defects relating to fire safety, missing insulation, breaches in building regulations and many more issues.

What is Snagging and How Does it Work?

Snagging is the process of checking new builds for minor faults and sometimes major defects that need to be rectified. Our snagging services in Cheshire ensure that all snags are found and accounted for.

A professional snagger will come to your home with a checklist and ensure that everything is up to standard. In the end, you will be given a full report which you can then hand to your builder.

You can see a sample snagging report of a new build house we did in Cheshire here.

Ian was phenomenal in providing us with snagging services. He was very accommodating with our schedule and circumstances and did a fabulous job. His report was clear and detailed and his decades of experience in the industry shone through in his findings. He spent time describing all findings and classifying issues in complexity and effort. He answered additional questions and continues to do so even though the job is done. I highly recommend Ian’s services.

Bharat Choragudi

New Build Snagging List for Cheshire

We always advise using a professional snagging company to come and check your new home. This is because using a professional snagger who has the relevant qualifications and experience to accurately check your property for snags.

However, if you are thinking about performing your own snagging inspection in Cheshire, then we have put together a checklist that you should follow. You can find the snagging checklist here.

Why Choose Lively Professional Services for Your Snagging Survey

Most new home buyers will question whether they need to use a professional snagger. After all, if you are buying a brand new house it should be snag-free and perfect.

We have yet to see a newly built house without any defects. We appreciate most new homeowners feel they can spot defects, and this is true. However, you are more likely to spot some superficial defects, missing the more serious ones that could cost you dearly if they are not reported to your builder and rectified.

Using a professional snagging company has a cost, but buying a newly built house is the most expensive purchase you are ever likely to make. Therefore, we advise investing in having a professional snagging survey carried out. As independent new build experts, our customers expect the best and that is why they hire us.

We are here to make sure this is exactly what you get. We have helped hundreds of my customers get the quality of new home they deserve. During our inspections, we thoroughly inspect all external and internal areas, using specialist equipment to aid in identifying defects.

Unlike some snagging companies, we guarantee our in-house reports are amongst the most comprehensive, using photos to clearly identify any defects, along with a clear description, and a trade assigned to rectify it. You will receive your report electronically the same day followed by hard copies in the first available post. This allows your builder to rectify the defects we have identified quickly, saving you time, money and minimise stress.

Professional Service all round.

Prompt, knowledgeable, and all-around professional service. We used LPS to snag our large new build home and we were very happy with the results. Would thoroughly recommend it for a quick, efficient, and value-for-money service.
You can go to our Trustpilot to view more testimonials of our professional snagging services.

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