Professional Snagging For Your New Home

Professional Snaggers to help with your new home

Lively Professional Services are an independent, privately run company specialising in providing a professional snagging service to new build home buyers. Our service ensures that any issues or defects with your newly built home are discovered – even those you might not know to look for. 

We are not associated with any developer, house builder or warranty provider, which means we are able to provide a completely unbiased service solely for you the new homeowner.

What is Snagging?

Snagging is the process of checking new builds for minor faults that need to be rectified.

If you don’t get a snagging inspection done before you move into your new home then you could end up paying out a lot more money down the road when defects begin to appear.


Why use a Professional Snagging Company?

New homes are constructed in all weathers using materials and subcontractors during its construction. During this process your new home transforms from a bare piece of earth to your dream home.

Using a professional Snagging company can eliminate the stress and worry of you having to identify any defects once you have moved into your new home. It is important that any defects are identified within your new home and reported to your builder as soon as possible.

Our highly qualified inspectors will produce a detailed defects report following their visual inspection of your new home which you can present to your builder, enabling them to rectify the defects that have been identified.

How Does Professional Snagging Work? 


A professional snagger will come to your home with a checklist


They will check the exterior and interior of your new build home for defects


At the end of the snagging service, you will be handed a report of findings that you can give to your builder

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Why Use Lively Professional For Your Snagging Inspection?

My mission is to create one of the country’s leading professional snagging companies that would help raise standards within newly built homes, helping new homeowners protect their investment and achieve the quality of home you deserve, giving you piece of mind in the knowledge that your new home has been built to the current Building Regulations and standards.

My extensive knowledge and experience of the housing industry ensures I can give my customers the best possible service and support I can, this is something that I am extremely passionate about, putting my customers first, listening and working with you every step of the way, before and after I have completed your inspection.

Having worked in the housing industry for over 40 years I have gained extensive knowledge and experience, knowing how your new home has been constructed, helping to identify defects others may not see. Having helped hundreds of customers avoid unnecessary costs by identifying defects they would not expect to find.

During my inspections I often find serious defects relating to fire safety, missing insulation, breaches in Building Regulations and many more issues.

My reports are easy to follow, and every defect is photographed with a location, a trade assigned, as well as a clear description of the defect.

All my photographs are time and date stamped, which helps when logging your defects with your builder. I carry out all snagging inspections myself, and do not use any subcontractors, ensuring the high consistency of my reports. I take time to answer any questions my customers have before, during and after my inspection. I fully explain my findings once I have completed your report, and endeavour to make sure you receive the electronic copy of your report the same day, for you to send to your builder.

Hear what my customers have to say

Superb, uber-professional snagging expert

Ian knows his stuff as you can see on his social media channels. Reading Instagram post after Instagram post on the worrying issues he found on new builds across the North made him the first choice to do a snagging report for us. He arrived on time and patiently worked through our house discovering problems that we’d never see in a million years. His report was delivered quickly and is detailed and clear. So far, not one issue he found has been queried by our builders and the lads doing the fixes have acknowledged the quality of Ian’s report and they are just methodically working through it to correct the issues. You could decide to give a professional snagging report a miss and save some money. But it would be a false economy. For peace of mind and knowing that you’ll have a decent house at the end of the process, Ian is worth every penny. One tip: book him early. He’s understandably in big demand. One last thing – he’s a nice guy too, fast to reply to emails and good as his word.

Andrew Thompson

Professional and first class service

Purchasing a new build was a worry considering the way how some new houses are poorly built. Thankfully this was not the case for us. I researched online for snagging companies and came across Ian. After reading that Ian had spent some 40+ years in the house building industry and that his experience included being a site manager etc I booked Ian’s services knowing that the house would be assessed by someone who has spent his life in that trade. Booking was easy and simple and we exchanged details over email. Thankfully we had one of the best builds that Ian has assessed in 2021, commenting on how well this house was finished and the attention to detail etc was fantastic. 53 snags were picked up but the majority were cosmetic and very minor. Ian then took the time to go through what he found on the day and explained why some had been logged, for example the fire regs etc. About 3 hours later I received the email with the report and it was very clear and detailed pointing out the snag number, location and which trade it belonged to and what needed addressing. 2 Further paper copies were posted to me which was helpful to go through the with the builder. I am pleased to know that what we have purchased is of good quality and peace of mind on this huge investment. Ian asked me to pass on his positive feedback to the site team at Taylor Wimpey, Elderwood Grove development. If you want a professional inspection service by someone who understands the industry then Ian is your man, he is a pleasure to meet and very friendly. Thanks Ian!!

David O'Boyle

Fantastic snagging experience

As first time buyers we are so glad we chose Ian Lively to snag our home. I was very wary about trying to find the right company but was recommended this company and knew as soon as I went on his website and saw the other great reviews that we were in safe hands. Ian replied straight away, booked us in very quickly even though we had a rushed completion and was extremely professional and knowledgeable. The report produced was fantastic too! This was the smoothest part of the home buying process by far and I couldn’t recommend enough!


First class service

All-round excellent service and it was a pleasure to deal with Ian. The snagging assessment was done methodically and with care; it was evident Ian has substantial expertise and experience. Ian also took the time to answer all my queries (both whilst on site and follow up queries after the snagging visit had taken place) and provided advice on how to look after my house and how best to navigate next steps with the builder to correct the snagging identified. The final report arrived on the same day and was clear and unambiguous. The vast majority of issues identified were items that I would not have identified had I carried out the snagging assessment for myself. Would not hesitate to recommend Ian to my fellow new build neighbours! Many thanks Ian


What Our Snagging Inspection Will Cover In Your New Build Home

During our visual inspection of your new home, it is our aim to identify and itemise any defects both internally and externally including any garden areas, drives and garage if applicable. The areas that we cannot inspect will be detailed in the report. Following our visual inspection, a detailed defects report will be produced and sent to you. 

Our inspector will report upon the main aspects of the property to an accepted benchmark quality standard, normally the NHBC standard both internally and externally.


What Our Snagging Inspection Does Not Cover

We do not undertake inspections of any:

  • Central Heating Systems
  • Electrical and Fire Systems
  • Plumbing installations
  • Drainage Systems
  • Telecoms and Broadband
  • TV Systems
  • Home Automation Systems

When Should You Call In A Professional Snagging Company?

Prior to the legal completion of your new home, your builder will invite you for a home demonstration. At this meeting, the builder will show you around your new house and demonstrate how the systems and appliances work. During the inspection, the builder will give you the opportunity to identify any snags/defects within the property.

If the builder will allow access prior to you legally completing your property then this is the ideal time to call us in. However, some builders will not allow this. In this instance, once you have legally completed your property and received your keys, this is the time to call us to inspect your property.

Keep in mind that most professional snaggers are usually booked weeks if not months in advance. Expecting to secure your professional snagger with a week or ten days’ notice could be difficult and could result in disappointment, so book the services the minute you know your completion date.

Building Thermal Imaging Scan

Lively Professional Services are now pleased to be able to offer our customers a Professional Thermal Imaging Scan of their new home during our inspection, during the months of October – March.

Infrared Thermography is a non-destructive thermal scan of your home using an infrared camera. The camera can identify thermal differences (Temperature) within the building or its fabric. These differences can be seen and analysed when using a thermal imaging camera and its software which allows us to identify any construction faults such as insulation defects, cold spots, water damage and heat loss within your home or heating system.

This scan can be incorporated with your snagging survey or carried out separately. Our surveyor is certified to Level 1 Infrared Thermography which meets the requirements set by ISO 18436 and ASNT SNT TC 1A. Please enquire regarding the costs as we can include this alongside your snagging survey.

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