As a professional snagging company, Lively Professional Services carries out professional snagging surveys for new home buyers. Our service ensures that any issues or defects with your newly built home are discovered – even those you might not know to look for.

Here are some examples of new home buyers who we have helped by carrying out snagging surveys and providing detailed reports so that their home defects were acknowledged and fixed by their builders.

Bromborough New Home Buyer Case Study

The Challenge

Our client bought his home off a small builder and was not sure about the quality of his new house or what to look for when it came to identifying defects and snags. He also needed help to communicate these defects to his builder in order to get any issues sorted.

Glusburn New Home Buyer Case Study

The Challenge

The following snagging survey was carried out for a client who bought their property from a large builder on a former school site. Unfortunately, there were 145 identified defects and the quality of the house was poor. It should not have been handed over to the client in the condition it was in.

Gatley New Home Buyer Case Study

The Challenge

The client rang on a Tuesday, due to take possession of his new home on the Friday of the same week. He needed a professional snagging company that was able to do a snagging survey quickly and thoroughly. We were hired to find any defects in the new build property before Friday’s exchange of contacts, when the agreement to buy the property would become legally binding.

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