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Professional Snagging West Yorkshire

Lively Professional services are an independent and privately run company specialising in providing a professional snagging service to new build home buyers in West Yorkshire. We identify and photograph defects within your newly built home so that they can be fixed.

New Build Snagging Services

We know that your new home is your biggest investment, and we are here to help you achieve the quality you deserve.

You may be asking yourself why new builds need snagging. The answer is simple. As your home has been constructed by many different people, it needs an independent snagging inspection performed to check the quality of the building.

What is Snagging and How Does it Work?

Snagging is the process of checking new builds for minor faults and sometimes major defects that need to be rectified. Our snagging services ensures that all snags are found and accounted for.
We will arrive at your home with a checklist and ensure that everything is up to standard. You will then get a full report which you can then hand to your builder. You can see a sample snagging report of a new build house we did in West Yorkshire here.

Great service, would recommend Lively…

“Would definitely recommend Lively Professional Services. Ian was professional and quick to answer emails and calls, and booking my appointment was a simple process.
Ian’s explanation of the snagging work was easy to read and the finished report was emailed to me the same afternoon once the survey was complete. A very straightforward and easy process to which we are extremely grateful.
If you move house and buy a new build then you need Ian it’s that simple. Fantastic service throughout thank you Ian.”

S Aldham

New Build Snagging List for West Yorkshire

We always advise using a professional snagging company to come and check your new home. This is because using a professional snagger who has the relevant qualifications and experience to accurately check your property for snags.
However, if you are thinking about performing your own snagging inspection in West Yorkshire, then We have put together a checklist that you should follow. You can find the snagging checklist here.

Why Choose Lively Professional Services for Your Snagging Survey

Lively Professional is one of the leading snagging companies in the UK. Having over 40 years of industry experience and extensive knowledge of the housing industry ensures we always give my customers the best possible service. With our office located in Lancashire, we can serve all the surrounding areas.
Our snagging surveys results are presented in an easy-to-follow report. Each defect identified comes with a photograph and a detailed description of the snag and who should fix it. You will receive an electronic copy of your report on the same day, as well as two hard copies within 48 hours – ensuring your builder can rectify them as soon as possible.

Professional Service all round.

Prompt, knowledgeable, and all-around professional service. We used LPS to snag our large new build home and we were very happy with the results. Would thoroughly recommend it for a quick, efficient, and value-for-money service.
You can go to our Trustpilot to view more testimonials of our professional snagging services.

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