Are you wondering when you should submit a snagging list to your builder? As a professional snagger, I am constantly being asked to carry out a snagging inspection by my clients usually within one week of them taking legal completion. They feel under pressure because their builder has asked them to submit a snagging list within the first seven days. However, do not panic, this is purely down to your builders’ processes and procedures and has nothing to do with your rights under your warranty agreement.

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When can I submit a snagging list?

Most builders will have a three or seven-day call or even both to make sure you are settling into your new home and to see if there are any faults that need rectifying. The three and seven-day calls snagging lists are for your site manager to deal with before you are passed over to the customer care department once he has rectified all your defects.

My advice would be to let your builder know that you will be using the services of a professional snagger and that you will submit their snagging report when you receive it. I would do this at your demonstration (if you get one) or at key handover.

Under your warranty agreement, during the first two years, you can send as many snagging lists to your builder as is necessary. However, bear in mind that your builder will only rectify any defects which are deemed to be a failure to comply with your warranty providers technical manual. It is also important that any snagging lists you give to your site manager you copy customer care in. This is because what usually happens is that, once your site manager has completed your snags, he will throw your list in the bin, leaving customer care with no record of you having had those defects. This could affect your warranties on items such as the boiler or other appliances, so it’s important to make sure that customer care is aware of everything.

Warranty agreement

It is also important to have read and understood what is and is not included within your warranty agreement, and what is covered as most new home buyers don’t and are disappointed when the builder refuses to rectify what they feel are not defects.

The following are the links to the three main warranty providers (although other warranty providers may be used):

These homeowners’ handbooks give you important information on your warranty and what to look for when you first move in, they will also give you advice on how to run your house in and what to expect during the first twelve months. There will also include advice on how to make a claim should you need it too.

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Check out some of the snags we have found on our YouTube channel.

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