in previous blogs, I’ve talked a few times about snags in new builds. And I’ve also analysed why snags are so common. Even though throughout the course of a year we identify hundreds of snags in both older properties and new builds, I still find snags that are especially bad. So far, the following are worthy of being on this list of the top 10 worst snags for 2021.

  1. Damaged roof trusses, the house had been inspected and signed off by the NHBC inspector leaving the customer with the potential to pay for the repairs.


2. Loft insulation incorrectly laid creating heat loss and expense for the customer.

3. Barge board incorrectly fitted to the gable brickwork leaving a gap where insects could infest the roof space.

4. Facia Board box end incorrectly finished leaving a hole for birds etc to enter the roof space.

5. Stairs to first-floor wall over 30mm out of plumb.

6. Thermal inspection of a family room highlighted there was no solid ribbon of plasterboard adhesive ribboning the external wall allowing cold air and heat loss behind the plasterboards.

7. Downstairs cloakroom toilet cistern cracked.

8. The edge of the bath damaged needing it to be replaced.

9. Rear garden area waterlogged due to poor garden preparation and land drainage.

10. Incorrectly core drilled hole for the extractor vent, which has to be replaced.

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