We are happy to announce that we are starting a podcast called Let’s Get Snagging. If you are in the process or have recently bought a new build property then this podcast is for you!

What will the podcast be about?

The podcast will be a platform where we can offer help and advice to new build property buyers answering any of their snagging questions they might have. As the snagging podcast grows, we will invite others to speak on it where they can discuss different topics around new home buying and share their professional insights with you.

Why should new home buyers listen to our podcast?

Buying a new build property can be fraught with unforeseen problems from the start of the buying process right up to the day of handover. Whether you are thinking of using a professional snagger to inspect your new home or you are going to do it yourself, having a platform where you can ask questions is really useful. Not everyone will need help or advice, but there are many new build property buyers out there who don’t know what to look for and don’t fully understand the snagging process – this is who the podcast is for.

Professional knowledge with years of experience in the industry

Sharing my knowledge and experience will hopefully help and educate those who are going through this process, and ultimately raise the standards of their new home.

Where can I listen?

You will be able to find the podcast on whichever platform you currently use to stream your podcast, such as iTunes, stitcher etc. We hope you enjoy it and don’t be afraid to ask your questions. Remember that there is no such thing as a daft question! Feel free to ask whatever is relevant to you and your situation.

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