Professional snaggers, like most businesses during the pandemic, are dealing with a lot of uncertainty and are unsure of the restrictions that apply to running their business. This will depend on where your business is located, which will determine what regulations and guidelines you must follow.

Whichever part of the UK your business is located in, it is important to follow the rules and guidance by not putting yourself, staff, or customers at risk.

During the lockdown, the House Building industry has remained open, businesses associated with moving to a newly built house such as professional snaggers, solicitors, estate agents, etc can continue to operate and should be aware of the requirements and guidelines to operating safely.

Following the rules on social distancing, PPE, cleaning of equipment and hand washing, are vital to keeping everyone safe.

Carrying out a risk assessment will ensure you are getting it right and will highlight any areas that are at risk which will determine what actions need to be taken to carry out your inspections.

Keeping your customers informed of how you will be carrying out your snagging inspection and the processes you have put in place to keep both you and your customer safe is important.

If for whatever reason your snagging inspection cannot be carried out safely by either party, then you should cancel the appointment until a time when the safety of your inspectors and customers can be assured.

As a business these are challenging time, we are all in this together, by following the rules we should all come out the other side, but until we are given the all-clear from the government it is important to stay up to date with the changing rules which dictate how we do business and to make sure we implement them.

Stay Safe

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