During the recent spell of hot weather, I am finding an increase in extremely shoddy workmanship, especially around the extractor ducts in roofs.

Here is a video link highlighting the issue during a recent snagging inspection.

A clear example of shoddy workmanship

Although there are many examples of shoddy workmanship, that I could highlight, there is one in particular that resurfaces with the hot weather, and that is the practice of using tape to secure extractor ducts in the roof space to roof tile vents flexible pipe. The picture below shows an example of this:

poor workmanship

The roof tile vent is supplied with a large jubilee clip which the electrician or plumber should use to connect the ducts to the roof tile vent.

The temperature within a domestic roof space during summer can reach 60-70 degrees, which causes the adhesive on the tape to melt allowing the weight of the duct to detach itself from the flexible tile vent pipe.

How to prevent this

The correct way to prevent this from happening is to mechanically fix the duct using the proprietary fixing supplied by the manufacturer.

I would advise all new home buyers to check their roof space to make sure their extractor ducts are connected to the tile vents. If you find they have detached themselves report it to your builder as a defect and insist on the correct fixing to be used.

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