Creaking floors in a new house are a common source of annoyance for new owners. But what can be done about it?

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A common fault in most new build houses is creaking floors, they can be a source of huge annoyance especially when you can follow movement by the creaks in the flooring above you.

The term used to describe this in the industry is micro cracking, which describes a defect within the floor or ceiling construction causing the floor and plasterboard ceiling below to crack and creak. In some cases, this noise can be extreme.

There are many reasons why you have creaking floorboards making it difficult to identify the root cause, such as Improperly installed hangers, poorly connected partition walls, floor panels that were installed wet, nails that are rubbing against the joist, mechanical systems rubbing against the joist etc, these can all cause the floor to creak.

Rectifying creaking floors can be disruptive and expensive for the homeowner and may even lead to them having to move out of their home until the issue is resolved.

A full investigation should be carried out by the builder to identify what is the cause and the necessary remedial action they should carry out to rectify it, if necessary, using a specialist subcontractor to carry out the work.

If you are experiencing creaking floorboards, it should be brought to the attention of your builder.

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