With over 40 years industry experience, we’re the experts when it comes to finding snagging defects in your new build home. We’ve seen it all from common snags and minor defects such as dodgy paintwork to the more major defects such as a loosely fitted pipe (which will cause you major issues down the line). You can view an example sample report outlining defects here. Here we outline the 5 most common new build home defects.

Damaged Stone Work

You may notice that when you move into your new home, the decorative stonework is damaged. The decorative stone may have already been damaged when it was fixed and possibly grew worse with the weather. This is a common snag in new build houses.

Before you move into your new build, check the window cill or header for any defects. Common new build home defects include damages to the decorative stonework can be structural or aesthetic faults that can make your home feel less like a home. As a homeowner, you need to feel comfortable and should enjoy that new home feeling, without worrying about new-build snagging issues.

Chipped External Doors & Frames

Another common problem with new build homes is that your external doors are chipped or have scratches on them. Usually, you’ll find that these scratches are on the edges or around the corners of frames and doors. It’s important that you look for new build defects like this before it’s too late. Check the corners and edges of all the doors for any new build snags which can ruin the aesthetics of your home over time if it’s not handled earlier on. Site managers often miss out on these problems with new-build homes but hopefully, you’ll remember to check this out before moving into your new house.

Poorly Fitted Internal Doors

Poorly fitted internal doors can also be a huge problem with new build homes. It can be fairly easy to spot when your door simply just doesn’t close properly but when it’s a minor fitting fault like a slightly loose hinge, you may not notice until after a while when your door starts sagging and doesn’t shut properly.

It’s easy to assume that over time the hinges get weak and as a result, the door begins to sag but in fact, the real problem began when the door wasn’t fitted in properly.

Poor Plastering

Poor plastering can be a little harder to spot, thus, being one of the most common problems with new build houses as site managers often forget to look for such faults. This is an easy fix once it’s been spotted early on. Otherwise, it can lead to more problems down the line.

Additionally, it just doesn’t complete the look of your new home as certain types of lighting can highlight this issue and all of a sudden the poor plastering job looks like a huge stain on your wall or ceiling. Check all the walls and ceilings around your house for any poor plastering jobs and get them fixed earlier on to avoid any issues in the future.

Poor Attention to Detail

You should check your home thoroughly for these new build defects because they’re not always easy to spot. Poor attention to detail is also amongst the common problems with new build houses. These can be problems like poor paintwork, cracked tilling or even improper pipe fixings which can cause a leak in your new house.

Look for these tiny details and check that everything in the house is working appropriately. Turn on the tap, make sure there is no leakage and you can also get hot water. Feel around the kitchen surfaces for any chips or cracks. 

Hopefully, these tips will help you spot some of the most common problems in new build homes. Additionally, we have a handy snagging checklist for you to print. However, it is always advised that you use a professional snagging company with relevant experience and qualifications to ensure that all defects are accurately found. If you’re wondering how to go about choosing a snagging inspector, we have a guide for you here.

If you have any questions regarding problems with new build homes, then feel free to contact us. We’re always happy to share a chat and have offices based in Manchester and Lancashire.

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