Now that you have decided that a new built house is for you, and you have started on the journey of purchasing your new home, it’s time to schedule your new build snagging survey.

Here at Lively Professional Services we understand how stressful the purchase process can be and we take pride in being able to give our clients the peace of mind that the property they are buying will be in perfect working order.

The snagging survey will identify any build defects before you move in, so your builder can rectify them in a timely manner, at no cost to you.


What will my new build snagging survey involve?

Our inspections typically take between 3-5 hours and we regularly identify between 70 and 150 defects which are summarised in our reports. You will be provided with physical and digital copies of these reports.

snagging survey prices and locations covered



Options & extras


  • Apartment: £150
  • House: £250

Internal Wall Measuring Service

As an add on to your snagging survey we will measure the room sizes to check they are as advertised, using a digital laser measure (NOTE – the report is not providing square footage): £35

Video Survey Service

For overseas investors and customers who cannot visit the plot: £50. View a video walkthrough on our site.

Thermal Heat Loss Survey

We will produce a separate thermal survey report using a thermal camera to check for heat loss, thermal bridging, missing insulation, draughts and underperforming heating systems.

  • One off survey: £400
  • If booked as part of a snagging survey: £300

We will need to arrive early in the morning and for the heating to have been on fully for at least 1 hr before we arrive. The defects we commonly identify range from roofing issues, poor insulation, thermal bridging, poor brickwork, leaks, draughts, aesthetic issues such as decoration, wall and floor tiling, damaged kitchen units etc.

Our experienced professional snagging inspector will include the following checks on your new build property when carrying out a snagging inspection:

· Roof tiles/slate
· Gutters and downspouts
· External drives and garden areas
· Fencing
· All elevations including garages
· Loft inspection
· External Windows and Doors
· Decoration and plaster
· Internal doors, skirting boards, and architraves
· Walls, flooring, ceilings, and staircases
· Wall and floor tilling
· Electrical test on sockets
· Plumbing test for leaks
· CO2 (Carbon Monoxide) boiler test
· Fire Safety Compliance
· Thermal imaging of radiators
· Poor workmanship


Why is it important to book a snagging survey?

“Absolutely worth every penny! Ian picked up so much from our new build. He spent a long time at our house going through with a fine tooth comb and collected 210 items to be addressed. Worth every penny. We’ve had 2 or our neighbours use Ian now and they were very impressed too. Always recommend Ian to people who are buying. Thanks again.”
Kerrie woodhead

Once you have received the keys to your new home your builder will ask you for a list of any defects or snags. The idea of being asked to find faults with your brand-new home may sound strange, but it is important to remember your home has been hand built in by many trades in all weathers. At Lively Professional Services we make this process easy for you by collating any issues with your new home in a comprehensive and clear report.

Poor workmanship and defects are common in today’s new built homes, the industry is plagued with inexperienced and poor trades with little or no pride in their work, couple this with the government’s demands for more homes and the house builders need to satisfy their shareholders it is no wonder the industry has a poor reputation for delivering quality new-built homes.

Put all these facts together and the consequences are not good, which is why it is important to instruct Lively Professional Services to carry out a full snagging survey on your new home.

We specialise in identifying defects in new build houses and apartments, compiling a comprehensive photographic report, enabling your builder to act quickly in rectifying the defects we have identified.


When should I book my snagging survey?

The ideal time to have your snagging inspection carried out is preferably before you take legal completion (unfortunately some housebuilders will not allow this), that way it is more convenient for you and creates the least disruption once you have moved in. It will also give your builder more time to rectify any defects we identify, especially if any major defects have been identified. Our comprehensive snagging report makes it easier for the site team to work from saving you time in having to raise issues over several months.

The majority of housebuilders will have a customer care charter that outlines the procedures and timescales for reporting defects to their customer care department, our recommendation is that you have a snagging survey carried out as soon as possible following handover, but certainly within the first two months of occupation.


Experienced snagging survey professionals

Our surveyors are qualified and experienced professionals with many years of experience in the house building industry. Using specialist equipment, we identify any minor or major defects within your new home and compile them into a detailed comprehensive photographic snagging report, which you will receive the same day electronically.

It is important to note a snagging survey is a visual inspection and is not a structural building or valuation report.


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