We are nearing our fourth year since I started Lively Professional Services, and it has been an interesting and rewarding journey. With each new snag, I identify I gain a greater insight into the ever-changing construction industry and deteriorating quality of new builds. 

Was it what I expected?

No, it has far exceeded my expectations. When snagging I get to see parts of the country I would not normally see and meet wonderful people who I would never normally have met. I have been amazed and sometimes shocked at the direction the business has taken. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would be making YouTube videos and TikToks documenting the different types of snags I find. 

How has the housebuilding industry changed?

After working in the housebuilding industry for over forty-seven years it has astounded me how it has all changed, and not necessarily for the better. Having previously worked for several major housing developers, where working to follow the company’s needs can often make you feel isolated and to some degree manipulated, I have enjoyed setting up Lively Professional Services and working for myself.

During the past four years, I have snagged hundreds of newly built houses constructed by most of the top named house builders. With every snag found I am increasingly disappointed to witness how the quality of newly built houses has declined and the attitude some builders have towards their customers has worsened.

What does the future of the housebuilding industry look like?

Luckily, this might be about to change in 2022 as the industry has recognised there are major issues that need addressing. In 2021 The New Home Quality Board issued a draft consultation paper to all the major house builders outlining their proposals, this could be good news for new house buyers and along with the New Home Ombudsman give new house buyers more protection when buying a newly built house.

Changes to Lively Professional Services

The future is looking exciting for Lively Professional Services Ltd. During the first half of 2022, we will be opening a new office in Bristol, which will be run by Sean Lively. This office will cover snagging in the South West including South Wales, Oxford and Northamptonshire. 

Who knows what the future holds beyond 2022. All I can say is watch this space as we grow from strength to strength, helping new home buyers identify and resolve every snag to achieve the quality of newly built homes they deserve.

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