The quality of new build homes all depends on your builder and snagger. Getting your new build property snagged should be a seamless process and the quality of the report you receive can make or break this. At Lively Professionals, I’ve had years of experience within the housebuilding industry. Meaning my reports are always accurate and in line with your rights. This ensures that you don’t get into any conflict with your housebuilder. Instead, all snags that I take note of I know can be rectified with ease. In this blog post, I’ll explain my reports in detail. You can use this article if you’ve just received your snagging report and you’re struggling to understand, or if you’re a contractor looking to rectify snags.

Look to our Case Studies for an example of a professional snagging report.

Lively Professionals New Build Snagging Report

My New Build Inspection Process

Your snagging report starts with the front page having my name and business logo at the top. Then, the address of the house I am snagging, the date of the inspection, the person who the report is for and the number of defects highlighted within it. Followed with the second page which includes an identification photo (location 1). This is a photo of the front of the property, the address, and a general summary of what I have identified within the report. Having the photo and summary allows me to refresh my memory if we need to have any follow-up conversations in the future. We then move onto the issues within the report starting with ‘location 2’ to whatever the final location may be. The location simply refers to the numbering system of defects. My reports are formatted to be as simple to understand as possible.


The snagging report then follows a systematic approach to my inspection. I focus on identifying the defects, which are written as the location it’s found. The location will give you the general area of the defect, such as front elevation or lounge etc. Then, a photo will show the defect, which is date and time-stamped. This is vital should you need to go to a resolution with your warranty provider. All for your peace of mind. The time-stamped images can be used as evidence that you have reported the defect to your builder at an earlier stage.

Receiving The Snagging Report

When you receive your report, you need to understand what snags I have identified. Also, you must understand the key information in your report. This is so that you can probably communicate it to your builder. Then, the housebuilder will be able to rectify those defects. At the end of my inspection, I will sit down with you and thoroughly explain the snagging report giving you clear guidance. Here is when I will explain the defects that I have identified within your report. This is an opportunity for you to ask any questions which you may have during this discussion. 

Below the location on each defect is the trade that I would expect to rectify the defect. Further below that there is a clear description of the defect, location and what needs to be done to rectify it. If the defect is in breach of Building Regulations or warranty providers standards it will reference the relevant Building Regulation and Standard as well.

After the Inspection

understanding-your-snagging-reportOnce you are satisfied that you fully understand your report, you should then forward it to your builder’s customer care department. If at any point you are not sure or have a question about any defect within your report you should give me a call to discuss it. The quickest way to get defects rectified is to properly communicate them to your builder, which is tricky if you don’t understand the report. 

I am a professional snagger with over 40 years of experience in the housebuilding industry. Therefore I know how to guide you through this process. If you’re looking to purchase a new build house, give yourself peace of mind and call a professional snagger. Lively Professionals are one of the leading professional snagging companies in the North of England. I am proud to continue to offer such a rewarding service. Get in touch for a quote, or find out more about our services. Don’t risk it! Hire a professional snagger.

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